Simplify Your Holiday Season
November 28, 2017 | Heather Griesser LaPierre
The holiday season is here. With it comes an endless to-do-list that can often feel overwhelming. To help us through December, we have enlisted the expertise of Annie Kilbride of Life Simplified. As a professional organizer she has helped countless people navigate December stress-free.

Annie says that this time of year, just one to-do-list won’t cut it. Look at the different tasks that you must complete and create a list of actions for each one. For example, your main lists might look like Christmas cards, gifts, holiday food, holiday events, and decorating.

Holiday cards
Make a list of everyone you want to send cards to. Annie keeps a master list that she reviews each year. This makes it easier than starting from scratch. If you’re looking on a way to cut down the number of cards, you send you can also make a note of who sends you a card. Remove those that haven’t sent you a card back. Write the cards over a period of time so that it doesn’t feel like a mammoth task. Don’t leave them too late, especially if you are sending any cards overseas.

Again, start with your list. If you aren’t into holiday shopping, then the easiest way to purchase your presents is online.  You can even arrange for presents to be sent direct – useful if you have relatives or friends scattered across the country or globe.

Holiday food
When it comes to the food, preparing as much ahead of the day as possible is key. The more you can make ahead of time, the less stressed the day will be. This also applies to your grocery shopping. Purchase non-perishable in advance so that you can prep ahead of time and don’t have to undertake one super-large shop.

An opportunity to organize
Annie says that the holidays is the perfect time to organize your holiday decorations if they aren’t already. Purchase some clear boxes and create a content list for each one as you put away the decorations. The boxes will keep your items protected and labelling them will mean you don’t waste time trying to find everything next year.

Want more organization tips? Annie has put together a printable checklist which you can download here. Thanks to Annie, we are looking forward to a stress-free December. We love this time of year and we wish everyone a happy holiday season.


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