Repurposing Junk Into Treasure
July 19, 2016 | Heather Griesser LaPierre

1. Ladders. They aren’t just for stories of elevation any more.

Via Pinterest

2. Turn those old chairs into combination shelves and hangers.

Via YiCongLu

3. Some glass from the past for spectacular lighting.

Via Etsy

4. You can use a plastic bottle and glue on some plastic spoon heads to create something that looks like a lit up prehistoric egg.

Via Boredpanda

5. Create a bookshelf with musical flare.

Via TGM Design

6. Turn those random tools into wall hooks.

Via Etsy

7. Those cardboard paper towel rolls make snazzy cable organizers.

Via Instructables

8. If that bike is beyond your desire to ride again, you can immortalize it as a sink.

Via The Benjamin Collection

9. Even a broken piano can make music in other ways.

Via Upcycle That

10. Leftover light bulbs can be fashioned into oil lamps to continue their legacy.

Via Brit+Co

11. Create a clock out of your former steed. No, not a horse.

Via Orion Services

12. Sometimes the proper lighting is instrumental for the mood.

Via Noise Made Me Do It

13. A chair for brief sitting sessions.

Via Humor Sharing

14. Just can’t let your ol’trusty tennis racket go? Well now you can make it a constant reminder of the person that it served so loyally.

Via Apartment Therapy

15. Take cable reel tables to a whole new level, or three.

Via Recycle Art

16. Use old wood pallets to create rustic beds.



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