Eight Tips To Help You Sell Quickly This Spring
March 28, 2017 | Heather Griesser LaPierre
With lots of people putting their homes up for sale this month you need to find a way to make yours stand out from the crowd. Read on for eight top tips to help you sell your home quickly.

Undertake pre-inspection repairs
If you know there is a small leak in the bathroom, chances are you’ll be asked to repair it as part of the settlement deal. With that in mind, you might as well make your house as repair-free as possible. Buyers may be put off by obvious repairs and wonder what else is wrong, costing you a potential sale.

Clean the windows
Dirty windows can damage curb appeal (more on that later). Dirty windows can also stop light shining through and you don’t want that, especially on a dull day. Clean them yourself or invest the money for someone to come and clean them. It will be worth it.

Spring clean your house
People do buy on first impressions and a less than clean house could put off some buyers. It doesn’t have to be five-star hotel clean, but you don’t want people looking at the crumbs on your countertop rather than the gorgeous granite countertop itself.

Purpose every room 
Some people lack imagination and if your rooms aren’t defined as to what their purpose is, you may be left with buyers that can’t see themselves living in your house. Clearly define the rooms so that they know whether it’s a living room, office, or bedroom.

Declutter and remove personal items
Most of us end up accumulating tons of furniture and ornaments. All this mounts up to rooms feeling quite small. You’re going to have to pack away the items at some point so take time to declutter your rooms now. Removing family photos will make it easier for buyers to imagine it as their home.

Update if necessary
You realtor can advise you on what minor updates could make a difference to your sales price. It seems counter-intuitive to be spending money but freshening up a room could be worth it.  

Don’t forget curb appeal
Potential buyers may drive by before booking a viewing. You don’t want to lose these people because the outside of the house lets the inside down. Take some time to groom the outside. Some companies, like Herban Design, even provide a service where they loan you flowers just for selling.

Choose the right realtor 
This is crucial. A good realtor will know how to price your property and have a database of buyers lined up ready to view. Your realtor will be able to advise you on what minor repairs to make so that you get the best price. You also want a realtor that is a tough negotiator so that they hold out for the best deal for you.

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