Declutter before you move to your new house
May 4, 2017 | Heather Griesser LaPierre
Your home has been listed and you are ready to officially put it on the market but you’re unsure where to start to get it ready.  First and most importantly you need to look at your home through a buyers eyes which means you need to declutter and depersonalize your home.  Whether you’re planning on moving yourself, or getting in the professionals to help you, there’s no point moving items that you no longer need. It’s time-consuming and can result in extra cost.

Start early 
Ideally you want to have started decluttering before potential buyers come and view your house. Decluttering your property, along with staging it can help your home sell faster. Plus, it may seem like your move is a long way off but it will come around quickly, so better to work on it now and maybe tackle one room a day.

Consider where you are moving to 
If you are downsizing then decluttering is just one part of streamlining your personal effects. If you’re moving to a HOA where your grass is cut for you, will you need that lawn mower? Consider the space and style of property you’ll be moving to.

Have a plan for the items you no longer want
Think about what you’ll do with the items you no longer want. You can sell them, donate them, recycle them, or give them away to family and friends. If you have lots of items that you’re going to sell then starting early (as mentioned already) is a must! If you are looking to donate items we can help you with resources as well.

Focus on one room at a time 
Tackle one area at a time otherwise it will get overwhelming and you may decide to just move everything with you. When you start a room make sure you have everything you need such as boxes, post it notes, trash bags and tape.  If the thought of decluttering fills you with dread then start with the smallest, or easiest room first and work up to those messy areas such as the garage.

Have a ‘do I really need it?’ test 
Know how you’ll decide if you are keeping something or not. It could be based on whether it will fit into your new home or whether you have used it in the past year. For clothes, it could be based on the last time you wore it or whether or not it still fits. When it comes to kitchen gadgets, think about the last time you used that pastry machine. Is it worth taking up room in your new kitchen?

Invite friends to help 
If you really struggle to let go of items, invite some friends over to help you. They won’t have the same attachment as you and will be able to help you finally throw out that painting which hasn’t made it onto the walls of your last two homes.


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