Take the stress out of organizing your vacation with our vacation checklist
June 19, 2017 | Heather Griesser LaPierre
Going away on vacation is supposed to be fun. However, it can often turn into a stressful occasion trying to remember everything that needs to get organized beforehand, and then getting it all done! We have put together a handy checklist to help.

Pre-vacation items 
  • Plan what you will be taking with you. From toiletries, first aid kit and medication, to documents you’ll need, devices and other amusement items, to clothes and accessories.
  • Once you’ve decided what you’re taking, purchase any missing items and fill prescriptions etc.
  • Update your music, and download or purchase books that you plan to read
  • Don’t order anything that could arrive while you are away and put your mail on hold or ask someone to collect for you
  • Arrange care for pets and plants
  • Cancel any services you don’t need, such as your cleaner
  • Ask someone you know to keep an eye on your property and ensure they can contact you if needed
  • Pay any bills that may become overdue while you are away.
  • If required, arrange transportation to the airport, train station
  • If travelling by car, make sure to get it booked in for a check-up before you travel
  • If you’re going to away for a while, mow your lawn so strangers won’t question why your grass is long
  • Do your laundry so that you don’t find something you want to take is dirty still the day of packing
  • If travelling abroad, let your bank know so they won’t block your card while away and ensure you have travel insurance in place. Also ensure you have the required visas and get any required inoculations. Make sure you have power adapters for your devices or make a note to purchase at the airport
  • Book in any pre-holiday personal care such as hair, beauticians etc.
  • Purchase any snacks or drinks you’ll need while travelling or for the trip
Day before or morning of items 
  • Pull together all the chargers you need for your devices and ensure all devices are fully charged
  • Get out some cash in case you need it for last-minute items
  • Clean out the refrigerator of all perishables
  • Take out the trash. IF your bins will stay left out, ask a neighbor or friend to place them back in their usual place
  • Wash up and put away any dirty dishes, wipe down sides and run the waste disposal so there will be nothing to attract any bugs
  • Leave your dishwasher ajar to stop it smelling
  • If you’re not taking your car, leave it in the driveway so it looks like someone is home. If you’re taking your car, arrange for a friend or neighbor to park their car in your driveway
  • Set your HVAC system to the required temperature
  • Double check all windows and doors are locked and secure
  • Unplug any appliances that can be left unplugged
  • Set the house alarm



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