Six tips for getting ready for back to school
August 10, 2017 | Heather Griesser LaPierre
Back to school is rapidly approaching. Going from lazy summer days to packed school schedules can be hard. Getting organized is key, otherwise you may find yourself chasing your tail between now and the end of the year. Here are our top six tips on making your home run like a command center:

1. Purchase everything now… plus a little extra
Get everything you need such as items from the school supply list now. Check to see what you already have at home then either set aside an afternoon to go and pick everything up or shop online and get it all delivered. Purchase extra of generic items such as post-it notes and crayons so that there is back-up if they run out quickly. Get uniforms ready
If your school has a uniform now is the time to purchase a couple or make sure the ones from last year still fit. Iron them in advance so that when the first day arrives it’s one less thing to do!

2. Create a central calendar
Nothing makes a command center run smoother than a centralized calendar for all the various schedules and deadlines! However you choose to set up your calendar, make sure it’s easily accessible by everyone (the kitchen is a great place for it to be located). That way you’ll be able to see at a glance what’s coming up and won’t miss any important deadlines or double-book.

3. Create a lunch cupboard
Dedicate a space to lunches and snacks. Ensure you have a supply of lunch containers and ziplock bags. Store dry snacks and lunch items and if you really want to get organized, create some lunch grab and go packs, such as a ziplock filled with goldfish or nuts and dried fruit. You can also do the same in your fridge for fresher items.

4. Plan lunches and meals in advance
Taking time to plan lunches and meals in advance not only saves you time, especially if you then prepare the lunches the night before, but it also makes grocery shopping easier. It also means you conserves brain power trying to come up with ideas on what to feed everyone!

5. Create a file box for papers
Create a central place for important school papers, school assignments and other key documents to be stored. This will save time hunting through drawers trying to find details of what your child needs for their upcoming school outing.

6. Relax
Even if you’re super organized something is bound to get missed, lost or misplaced.  Just get through it and smile. Being a parent is stressful enough without giving yourself a hard time.  


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