Displaying your photos and artwork
February 14, 2018 | Heather Griesser LaPierre
Over the last few years people have become more and more creative with displaying their family photos and artwork. Redecorating or moving home is the perfect opportunity to embrace your creative juices and show off your favorite photos.

Gallery wall
Gallery walls range from very formal structures, to free form. Use all the same frame or add one signature frame to the mix. Use the same frame but in different colors, different frames in the same color or go wild and use different frames in different colors. Add other wall décor to the mix, from arrows, to sunbursts or wall decals.

Space the frames equally or have them any which way. Display your gallery wall in your living room, kitchen, hallway or going up your stairs. Have a theme or just use photos that you love. Go for black and white, color or both. So many choices!

This family went for a feature frame surrounded by all the same frame, all in white. They chose a theme of displaying photos of some of the places they have travelled to. The wall has room to expand as the family travels more.


Shelf Display 
Put up a shelf purely for displaying your framed photos Overlapping different sized frames has become very popular. In this nursery, different frames have been used but the color has been kept to black and white. The photos are kept to black and white with a splash of blue. Little figurines have been added for that extra cute touch.

Washing peg display 
Being able to switch out your family photos as your children grow is a real treat. Places like Hobby Lobby sell ready-made frames. Simply update and replace as often as you like. Alternatively, you can create your own frame or wall garland. Simply hang a piece of string or ribbon and use pegs to attach your favorite photos. This method looks very rustic. We love it!

Long gone are the days when bookcases were just for storing books. Be creative and stack books with photos or other treasured possessions on the same shelf. You can create the same look with dressers or glass cabinets.

Go and be creative. Display photos, frame your children’s artwork, or just pictures that you adore. We’d love to see how you display your photos. Feel free to share on our Facebook wall.


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