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Real Estate Deals That Fight Starvation

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2019

Hi again,


Happy June and I hope everyone has a great summer! I wanted to take a moment in this months newsletter to talk a bit about what we do and have done thanks to you and your patronage.


We, as many of you know have been working hard to do our part to fight starvation, not only in other countries, but also in our own back yard. Many people don’t realize how many people and especially kids are in need, here in our own community.


We know it’s hard to believe that in a country as developed and as fortunate as ours that this could even be a reality. We have been struggling a bit to figure out how to spread the message and help even more children than we already have.


To date, we have facilitated in one way or another  just shy of 1 million meals! We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the generous support of all of you who are reading this.


With every Real Estate transaction we are able to help a client with, we can feed a family for a year. This isn’t money we get through donations from big corporate sponsors, it is money we contribute personally through our real estate business.


We know that sometimes it is hard to see the reality of the problem when it is so far removed like in another country and in an inferential part of the world. The truth is that hunger is happening here in our community and in our schools, not just with little kids but also college age students.


We’ve been shocked to hear the level of struggle that exists and just wish we could make it all go away. We know we make a difference, we just wish it was more then what we have done so far.


We are so passionate about this cause that honestly we forget to let people know that the only thing that makes it possible is the support of our friends, family and clients who are like family to us.


So this month and throughout the summer we ask respectfully if you could keep the struggling children on your mind and our real estate team as well, while you’re out having fun and interacting with those you love.


If you hear of anyone who is thinking of buying or selling real estate or has any kind of real estate needs; please, we would love the opportunity to serve them and feed even more children because of it.



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